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February 18, 2011


Lotto System

This is quite an interesting read! I'm still on the fence about where I stand with Globalize-Grow-Give. I think you raise a lot of interesting key points to consider. But still, there are justifications for both sides. I'm starting to side with you, though!

Jeff from the Lotto System blog.


You and I will achieve detente through our mutual love of British Skins.

Dylan Matthews

I'll drink to that.

ezra abrams

I think, has to do with the union movement's rejection of free trade, which some liberal bloggers (myself very much included) see as a major moral failing.

you, personally, gotta feed your kids and keep a roof over their heads, pay medical bills, you can talk about how people fight for wages
as a junior at harvard, even if you are a scholarship kid, think you should keep quiet

anyway, the liberalrejection of labor unions has a lot to do with the labor unions rejection of liberals - gay rights, abortion, etc

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