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August 18, 2008


Greg Kuperberg

Intrade has almost as much faith in Evan Bayh as in Joe Biden. Those are the two standouts in that venue.

If you strongly disagree with Bayh on the issues, then maybe you are right, but it seems to me that Bayh has a lot of positives in terms of political strategy. To begin with, that he could help tip Ohio.

Michael in NYC

I set out my view on all of this last week when you were blogging for Ezra where I predicted it would be Biden. Again with Bayh though, it isn't the end of the world if he gets picked, Dylan. He's been a cipher in the Senate and the only thing most could say definitely about him is he's ambitious. He seems like a team player and would probably be easier to control than Biden and I do believe he would bring Indiana. I would still prefer Biden. Also, I'm fairly wonky but as a native Oregonian I 'm still very puzzled by your fascination with John Kitzhaber. (Seriously, do you know many Oregonians that share your enthusiasm?) Reed would have been great, but he doesn't seem to want it. Sebelius also great, but would be perceived as a stunt I'm afraid and the chattering classes are talking foreign policy credentials these days as you indicated. In any case, we should all be happy if it's not Sam Nunn.


Biden would lose him at least one vote (not that he would have voted for Obama anyway). My former friend & business partner (until he went rabid Bushie & moved to Wyoming) always said he left Delaware because he hated Biden so strongly.

Eric Jackson

Biden could very well be the choice. We will know soon. obamabiden08.org for the latest!

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