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August 27, 2008


Greg Kuperberg

Eight years ago, Nader supporters were protesting that they'd organized voter exchanges (which are, by the way, totally illegal)

This is a misreading of the situation with vote swap web sites in 2000. Obviously Nader was trying to throw the election to Bush for his own reasons. He didn't like the vote swap sites. Republicans didn't like the vote swap sites either. Bill Jones, who was then Secretary of State in California and a Republican, threatened criminal action on the basis of the speculative legal theory that vote swap sites are illegal. The courts have so far ruled against Jones and in favor of vote swap sites.

On the other hand, Melissa McEwan's argument is plainly bogus. Vote swapping is only a partial, damage-control solution to the problem of infighting.


More to the point, what about the states that aren't "swing states" but just might be. California is not a swing state, but with an anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot as well as an anti-choice proposition (combined with a popular Republican Governor and plenty of Republican voters in the state) the state could be in play, electoral college or not.


Despite her (and her acolytes) continual protestations to the contrary, McEwan is a single-issue voter. Or, to be more precise, a single cluster-of-issues voter. And worse, she has so blown the importance of her cluster of issues into epic proportions that she's lost absolutely all sense of perspective on what this election really means. This election is not a referendum on feminism or gay rights. It's a referendum on thousands more things, important to millions more people--including women and gay folk.

She's quick to skewer people on their ignorance of privilege when it comes to issues of sexism, yet she's chronically, willfully ignorant of her own privilege (and arrogance) that leads her to believe that the country can take four more years of Republican policies.

Melissa's life will not likely change very much if McCain is elected, so she's comfortable with sitting back and sacrificing thousands of other people just to make a point. And that's what pisses me off about her more than anything else. HER issues are the only ones that matter, as far as she's concerned. If it doesn't affect her directly, then clearly, it doesn't matter, and she shouldn't bother voting accordingly.

Funny. That's the same kind of attitude one usually sees from Republicans.

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