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July 13, 2008



Great post Dylan, if you get any responses, let's hope they're substantive, and not just a bunch of silly accusations (like you're an "Obamabot" or that you're some kind of apologist).

Dylan Matthews

Thanks, Jamelle; I hope so too. Whenever you point out the obvious about this, you get those kinds of things from the PUMAs, but it must be said.
Nice music list, btw.

John Cain

If you're interested in internet theatrics, I got quite mad at Stephen in the comments. Words were exchanged, twas not pretty.

Michael in NYC

Yes, yes, and yes. Thanks Dylan. I love Glenzilla but none of this is as apocalyptic as he and others are painting it; and none of it is proportional to what progress we lose if McCain wins.

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