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June 03, 2008


Stephen Chao

Dylan, I don't know what I expected when I read this post, but it was certainly not the near mirror-image of my current emotions that it is. I can relate, as another 18 year old, to your hazy memories of the Clinton impeachment trial and total disappointment (to put it lightly) of '04. But I'll admit, I wasn't quite as pessimistic, however accurate, you were on 9/11. I couldn't agree more with the content of this post. Obama's nomination is a blessing. All his policy positions aside, a President Obama has the potential to do much more than produce much-needed policy change in Washington. An Obama presidency has the potential to amplify and solidify the enthusiasm that his primary campaign has generated. When I was working with the Oregon for Obama campaign during the week before the May 20th primary, I witnessed firsthand the dedication of his core supporters, many of whom weren't much older than I am. I was inspired, but I had subconsciously anticipated the hardcore Flight of the Conchords watching, deeply sarcastic hipsters. I was pretty much right, which was totally cool. But then, on the 18th, as a volunteer at the Portland Obama rally, I witnessed 75,000 Americans of all races, ages, and classes stand hours in the scorching heat to hear a 35 minute speech by Obama. Even Barack, Mister "Rockstar" (among the volunteers, we called him Barack) seemed genuinely awestruck by the crowd.
But I really believe crowds like these are mere microcosms of the energy (and yes, hope) behind his campaign, which made listening to his speech tonight all the more special. And boy, was it satisfying.


Excellent post Dylan!

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