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May 15, 2008


Matt Zeitlin

This sounds awfully selfish and parochial, but I remember a vague feeling of disappointment when it was Massachusetts (well, I guess Hawaii too) that was the first state to recognize same-sex marriages. After all, California is so often derided as the locus of the gomorrahization of America, so it would have been nice to see us actually live up to our socially liberal reputation. I guess that being number two ain't bad, and I hope that some state is number 50 soon enough


I think Loving v. Virginia recognized marriage as a 'basic civil right' in 1967, even before Zablocki. It's one of my favorites, if only because it has such a badass name.


This is actually a bad thing for us in Florida. We have a marriage amendment on the ballot in November, and this is going to energize the supporters of the ban and help them get out the vote. The end result will be more Republicans at the poll, and although Obama is already expected to lose Florida, this will almost certainly guarantee it.

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