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March 10, 2008


Greg Kuperberg

I don't see any compelling case in either of these articles that Nevada has made any serious mistakes compared to these other countries. Licenses, weekly STD testing, no street prostitution. What's the objection?

Okay, there is the "gray market" argument. I have trouble believing that robust regulation is really too difficult for the state. Maybe an overly permissive mentality might set in. It hasn't happened in Nevada, though.

To be sure, Nevada still has a problem with unlicensed prostitution in Las Vegas (which does not have the licensed version; you have to drive to another county). It's clear how it arises: Female drug addicts who can't compete with legal prostitutes instead undercut them on price. I can see a lot of sense in Sweden's policies for this side of prostitution in Nevada. The clients should be prosecuted, the prostitutes themselves should only be offered help.

So in deciding between the Nevada solution and the Swedish solution, the best answer could be to do both.


Funny how the Republicans are so quick to start impeachment over something like this, when more serious offenses involving the nation's security, abuse of power, or domestic spying don't warrant impeachment.

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