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February 20, 2008



Oh geez-- big changes around here... Happy birthday though, man.


Happy Birthday! At least you'll get to vote in the general election, hopefully for President Obama (I love saying that).

John Cain

Happy birthday! If you do perchance take up smoking (which as a smoker I do not recommend at all), there is one accoutrement I have that you'll enjoy even more than I do. Yes, it's the New Hampshire ashtray, with a picture of the Old Man of the Mountain and "Live Free or Die" emblazoned on it. It was made by real Granite State prisoners, and was billed as a "candy dish", even though there are clearly indentations for a cigarette on each side and it's made out of the same material they use to make license plates.

Greg Kuperberg

Yes, happy birthday. And darn, I thought that you would change your blog to Maxipundit.

Dylan Matthews

Thanks, everybody. John, I need one of those ashtrays. Rather, I need to get one of those ashtrays for some of the chain-smoking NH primary workers I know. Do you have a URL? And Greg, I thought about that and concluded it would sound too much like a feminine hygiene product. But thanks for the suggestion.

John Cain

Well, I got it as a gift, so I'm not really sure. There can't be too many places they sell prisoner-made items, though. Right?

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