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June 25, 2007


Blue Girl, Red State

The whole column was mockable, wunnit? Between us I think we mocked it to within an inch of it's life.

danny bee


or see the Wikipedia entry on POLAR CITIES

danny bee

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Polar cities are proposed sustainable polar retreats designed to house human beings in the future, in the event that global warming causes the central and middle regions of the Earth to become uninhabitable for a long period of time. Although they have not been built yet, some futurists have been giving considerable thought to the concepts involved.

High-population-density cities, to be built near the Arctic Rim with sustainable energy and transportation infrastructure, will require substantial nearby agriculture. Boreal soils are largely poor in key nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, but nitrogen-fixing plants (such as thevarious alders) with the proper symbiotic microbes and mycorrhizal fungi can likely remedy such poverty without the need for petroleum-derived fertilizers. Regional probiotic soil improvement should perhaps rank high on any polar cities priority list. James Lovelock's notion of a widely distributed almanac of science knowledge and post-industrial survival skills also appears to have value.

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polar_Cities"

danny bee


Webposted: July 4, 3007 (sic)

Environmental activist Dan Bloom has come up with a solution to global
warming that apparently no one else is talking about: polar cities.
That's right, Bloom envisions future polar cities will house some 200
million survivors of global warming in the far distant future (perhaps
in the year 2500, he says on his blog), and he's lobbying on the
Internet for their planning, design and construction -- NOW!

"Sounds nutty, I know" the 58-year-old self-described "eco-dreamer"
says from his home in Asia, where he has been based since 1991. "But
global warming is for real, climate change is for real, and polar
cities just might be important if humankind is to survive the coming
'events', whatever they might be, in whatever form they take."

Bloom, a 1971 graduate of Tufts University in Boston, says he came up
with the idea of polar cities after reading a long interview with
British scientist James Lovelock, who has predicted that in the
future, the only survivors of global warming might be around 200
million people who migrate to the polar regions of the world.

"Lovelock pointed me in this direction," Bloom says. "Although he has
never spoken of polar cities per se, he has talked about the
possibility that the polar regions might be the only place where
humans can survive if a major cataclysmic event occurs as a direct
result of global warming, in the far distant future. I think we've got
about 30 generations of human beings to get ready for this."

Does Bloom, who has created a blog and video on YouTube, think that
polar cities are practicial?

""Practical, necessary, imperative," he says. "We need to start
thinking about them now, and maybe even designing and building them
now, while we still have time and transportation and fuel and
materials and perspective. Even if they never get built, the very idea
of polar cities should scare the pants off people who hear about the
concept and goad them into doing something concrete about global
warming. That's part of my agenda, too."

For more information: http://climatechange3000.blogspot.com
GOOGLE: "polar cities"
WIKIPEDIA: "polar cities"
BLOG SEARCH: "polar cities"

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